On Valentine’s Day, we attended boringgirl’s Hallmark Holiday HAPPY HOUR event at McCool’s Pub in Happy Valley.  It was a nice gathering of mostly eastside cachers, good food and a separate area where we could visit.

Saturday the 17th we took advantage of a little break in the rain to grab a few caches in the Salmon Creek area before heading to the XXIII Olympic Winter Games: Geocaching event.  This was put on by glorieme, Verano, 3muddogs and a number of volunteers.  It was held at Round Table Pizza on Hwy 99 in Vanouver.  There was a large turnout of cachers to watch and participate as 12 teams competed in a series of four events.  The first two events were the luge (bison tubes slid down a plastic conduit for distance) and cache hanging where timed contestants placed hanging containers in a tree.  These were followed by CITO hockey where pieces of trash were knocked into a hockey goal and curling (rolling logs and stuffing them into bison tubes).

The bronze medal went to team Italy (Geodude2008, Ptld2016, nodosaurus and Ondago).  Team Aragon (mtribe, Annabellesmonkey!, and Devil Hunter) won the silver medal and team Fiji (Rayvan43 and Karavan) took home the gold.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and there were rumors of a summer Olympic event perhaps.

We missed the Xcellent Xperiment due to conflicts with family events, but from the logs it looks like there was a good turnout.  It’s been awhile since we’ve made one of these events and we’re going to have to try to remedy that.  They’re both fun and productive.

We closed out the month of February at the Science Day event hosted by SamuelStem.  This was at the McMenamins on 15th and NE Broadway.  We arrived a bit late after several attendees had left, but we still had time for dinner and some good caching talk with folks we don’t often get to visit with.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Adopt a Road CITO event on the morning of April 21st and keep an eye out for the posting on Geocaching.com.  For those of you that search using the map, the location is close to the intersection of SE 172nd and Sunnyside Road in Happy Valley.