We missed the March 3rd Cache with a Cop event, but we heard that the presentation was great.  Reading through the attended logs, it looks like there was a very good turnout with lots of kudos for the PPB.

March 10th was a busy geocaching day for many of us.  A large group of folks pretty much filled the conference room at the Tualatin Library to attend the “How Do I Solve These #@&% Puzzles?!!” event put on by 3MudDogs and glorieme.  We spent the afternoon learning how to solve several different types of puzzles using charliewhiskey’s series of puzzle caches of the same name.  The class was excellent and the interchange between the “students” was fantastic.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the afternoon and l think we all learned a lot.  The next step for the Spitfires will be to attend another of the puzzle solving workshops and see if we can put what we learned to use.

As soon as the class was finished, we headed out to the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse to get set up for the March GEOregon meet and greet.  We were located upstairs in a private balcony that was open to the restaurant below.  It was a great place to visit with our fellow cachers but the noise level from below made it impossible to conduct a meeting.  Accessbob went from table to table repeating the announcements and conducting the raffle and got a pretty good workout of his vocal cords in the process.  There was a lot of positive feedback regarding trying out new venues and the service from the staff was great.

For those of you that didn’t attend the M&G or had trouble hearing Bob’s announcements, I’ll repeat them here:

  • Check out the latest additions to GEOregon’s latest lists of favorite 10-year old caches and the top 10 candidates for the February New Cache of the Month.


  • New cache of the month winner is GC7EKT6, CS003: You’re Fired!!!!!! – the CO is bdp, congrats!
  • We’re continuing to work on updates to this website. Soon we will have a page showing a representative sampling of the merchandise that we have for purchase at the M&G’s.
  • The GEOregon Picnic will be September 8th at Summer Lake Park. We’re looking for volunteers to help with specific aspects of the event.  Please contact a board member if interested.
  • We need a volunteer to take responsibility for organizing the Maintenance Madness Event which we hope to do either May 5th or June 2nd. This will be a single, morning event to hand out cache maintenance supplies (which we have on hand).  We’re thinking of holding it at Cathedral Park under the St. Johns bridge.  The organizer should be someone who has attended one of these events in the past.  Again, please contact a board member if interested.
  • Lots of upcoming March and April Events:
    • Planetary Pursuit: Venus and Beyond – March 28th – McMenamins on Broadway
    • PPB Cache with a Cop (GC7H8YM) – April 7th  – North Precinct
    • GEOregon Meet and Greet (GC7JT6V) – April 14th – Wall Street Pizza, Gresham
    • GEO Adopt a Road CITO (GC7JWTW) – April 21th – Sunnyside Rd, Happy Valley
    • GEO Post CITO Eat and Greet (GC7K27W) – April 21th – Five Guys, Happy Valley
    • Hillsboro CITO (GC7K96Z) – April 28th – Rock Creek Trail, Hillsboro
    • CITO at Leverich Park (GC7JWWM) – April 28th – Leverich Park, Vancouver, WA

On March 14th we attended the Pi Day event at the Broadway McMenamin’s hosted by Samuel Stem.  The turnout was great for a mid-week event with good food and beverages and lots of caching conversation.  Samuel Stem is having so much fun with these events, he’s set up another one for March 28th.