We missed the Planetary event hosted at McMenamins by SamuelStem, but judging from the logs and talking with him the next day, the turnout was great.  We did make the Youthful Yakking …… puzzle event the next night hosted by Ptld2016 at Max’s Brew Pub in Tigard.  Unfortunately, there was a bit of a mix up on the reservations, so we didn’t have the back room like normal.  Not much got done in the way of puzzle solving, but there was some great conversation and we made a few new friends for the Friends League.

We finally made it to our first 2018 Portland Police Bureau Cache with a Cop event on April 7th.  There was a very interesting presentation about the Crisis Response Team.  Officer Rashida Saunders who heads up the team of mostly volunteers gave a great presentation about the work they do reaching out to families who have been affected by violence.  The crowd of geocachers was large and very interested as evidenced by a lengthy and stimulating Q&A session.

We tried another new place for the April Meet and Greet, Wall Street Pizza in Gresham.  We had a pretty private space and almost filled it.  AccessBob was sick, so as VP, I filled in with making the announcements.   In case you missed the meet and greet, here is a recap:

  • The 2008 favorite cache of the month is GC1AZVY, A Stroll through Douglas Pioneer Cemetery in Troutdale (CO – Verano and Trusttabitha).
  • The March 2018 new cache of the month is GC7JMH2, Jackson the First (CO – Kellym38Z) which has gathered 11 favorites in less than 2 months. Unfortunately, the last log indicates that there is some sort of a problem with the cache.
  • GEOregon bumper stickers are a new addition at the merchandise table
  • Volunteers have stepped forward to take the lead on the Maintenance Madness event in May, the November Meet and Greet and the year-end gathering in December. Thank you Angelatthegate, T&A137, Glorieme and 3MudDogs.
  • We are still looking for an event coordinator and/or volunteers to take the lead on finding locations for the July, August and October Meet and Greets and to head up the picnic at Summer Lake Park in September.
  • Upcoming Events announced at the M&G:
    • 4/18/2018 – Welcome back T&A137 (GC7MAE5) McMenamins on Broadway hosted by SamuelStem
    • 4/21/2018 –2018 Spring GEO Adopt-a-Road Cleanup (GC7JWTW) 172 & Sunnyside in Happy Valley (CO – GEOregon and Two Finders Keepers)
    • 4/21/2018 – Post-CITO Eat & Greet (GC7K27W) Five Guys in Happy Valley hosted by GEOregon & 3MudDogs
    • 4/22/2018 – EXTREME CITO (GC7KR6X) Coast Range NW of McMinnville (CO – Y2K)
    • 4/28/2018 – Hillsboro CITO (GC7K96Z) Rock Creek Trail in Hillsboro (CO – PurpleJoker)
    • 4/28/2018 – Post-Hillsboro CITO Let’s have a meal (GC7MDWT) The Rockwood Fired Pizza in Hillsboro hosted by mkohlmeier
    • 4/28/2018 – INTRO to Geocaching workshop (GC7M8X6) St Ignatius School near 43rd and Powell put on by Justus2merrills and 3MudDogs
    • 5/4/2018 – Quatro de Mayo – Celebrate Spring! (GC7M1XZ) Leonardo’s Pizza off SE 164th in Vancouver hosted by Verano
    • 5/5/2018 – Maintenance Madness (GC7N4TT) Cathedral Park (under the St. Johns Bridge in North Portland (CO’s Angelatthegate, Verano and GEOregon)
    • 5/6/2018 – 7th THOMAS AND TRISCUIT CELEBRATE-SIESTA DE MEOW (GC7KJ60) El Indio II in Gresham hosted by Boring Girl
    • July?? – Hike to GC 16 – Middleaged Spread is considering an event at the staging area
    • 9/8/2018 – GEOregon Annual Picnic at Summer Lake Park in Tigard – GEOregon needs a coordinator and helpers for this event
  • The next Meet and Greet (GC7JT7B) will be on Saturday May 12th at J Willy’s 19th Hole in Lake Oswego

Note that if you go to Geocaching.com and look up GEOregon as the cacher name, you can find bookmark lists with all of the events as well as bookmark lists for the 10 year old favorite caches and the top 10 new caches of the month.