For those of you that missed the May GEOregon Meet and Greet, here is a recap of announcements:

  • GEOregon thanks Dennis (twofinderskeepers) for organizing the CITO event on April 21st and Sue (3MudDogs) for organizing the Post CITO Eat & Greet the same day.
  • We also thank Max (angelatthegate) and Debi (Verano) for organizing the Maintenance Madness event on May 5th.
  • We are still in need an Event Coordinator to work with the board of directors on our events. (Post meet and greet update – We now have venues for all the remaining meet and greets for 2018, so the event coordinators role has been greatly simplified. It will primarily consist of follow up, setting up the raffle prizes and guessing games and attending the monthly GEOregon board meetings).
  • Volunteers have stepped forward for the meet and greets in October, November and for the December holiday gathering. (Post meet and greet update – as noted above, July and August have now been covered as well – thanks to those that stepped forward).
  • We still have a huge need for a committee and coordinator to organize the September picnic
    • The venue has been set for Summerlake Park in Tigard
    • The picnic coordinator will meet with the GEOregon board to discuss picnic details and funding requirements
    • The committee will work with our treasurer, Brenda (bdp) to purchase food
    • The committee will arrange for volunteer BBQ’s, cooks, setup and cleanup help
    • The committee will arrange for volunteers to handle games and other events

Please contact one of the board members if you are willing to serve on the picnic committee

Upcoming Geocaching Events:

June 9, 2018 – GC7P86Q – GEOregon June Meet and Greet 2018 – Milwaukie Round Table Pizza

June 16, 2018 – GC number TBD – CITO event at staging area for GC16 by Middleagedspread and GEOregon

June 23, 2018 – GC7P0Y0 – Vancouver Cache Machine dinner (Cache Machine GC number TBD)

 June 23, 2018 – GC7FTKR – Tri-Cities 2018 Geocoin Challenge

 June 23, 2018 – GC7MVW6 – Discover Central Point 2018! – Geocoin Challenge

 July 15, 2018 – GC7NBVH – WSGA SW Chapter Summer Picnic – Lewisville Park in Battle Ground (Post meet and greet update – GEOregon will be joining in and co-sponsoring this picnic event. This will replace our monthly Meet and Greet which would have been held the night before.)

 August 4 & 5, 2018 – GC7JFMN – Windmill Corner Barn Warming followed by GC7NKBZ – Vancouver Sunrise the following morning

August 11, 2018 – GC number TBD – GEOregon August Meet and Greet 2018 – The Rock Pizza, Hillsboro

September 8, 2018 – GC number TBD – GEOregon Annual Picnic at Summer Lake Park in Tigard