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Geocachers Exploring Oregon
Everything You Need In One Place

GEOregon brings a stock of geocache related items to each of the meet and greet events to sell to members and non-members alike. The photos below show a representative sampling of the items we bring to the monthly meetings. Paid GEOregon members receive a discounted price on most items. We also take orders for GEOregon logo wear and other items. Unfortunately, we are not equipped to do on-line sales.


Bison Tubes
We carry bison tubes in a variety of colors and sizes

Handmade Containers
We carry a selection of donated handmade containers including fake magnetic bolts, electrical plates and dna tubes

We carry two sizes of magnetic nano containers, bison tube inserts and dna tubes

We carry geocache ID stickers in a variety of sizes and GEOregon stickers

Cache Maintenance
We carry rite in the rain log sheets, small ziploc bags in a variety of sizes, o-rings for bison tubes and two sizes of tiny but really strong magnets

We carry a variety of trackable items including achievement coins, tags and Lego blocks

Logo Wear
GEOregon logo wear is available by special order only. This includes screened shirts and other clothing items in many colors and sizes. Your caching name and/or a trackable code can be added for an additional charge.