Geocachers Exploring Oregon

The mission of GEO is to promote our sport through the development and promotion of quality caches and providing support to Geocachers, both experienced and new to the sport. Geocachers Exploring Oregon is an active partner in the development of Geocaching.

GEO is a not-for-profit association.


January GEO Message

Happy New Year. Thank you for expressing your trust in electing the members of the 2022 Geocachers Exploring Oregon Board.

We owe thanks to the 2020-2021 Board and the behind-the-scenes volunteers for maintaining the organization during the unprecedented pandemic.

Your Board will be meeting on Saturday, January 15th to make plans for the new year. Be sure to attend the meet and greet on Sunday January 16th in Canby from 1PM to 3PM. See GC9KEVZ, GEOregon January 2022 Meet & Greet, for details. We will give an update there.

Initially, our communications will be at monthly meet and greets, on our website (, and on the Facebook page (Geocachers Exploring Oregon). We want the actions of the Board to be transparent to the membership. Hopefully, we will find ways to open Board meetings to include members while maintaining safe protocols. Pray for the pandemic to ease and fade away.

by aStrongOne (Alan)

2022 GEO Board Members
President: aStrongOne - Alan
Vice President: ADmuk - Donn
Event Coordinator: Chalupa_dad - Dustin
Treasurer: Orcadian - Rita & Bill
Secretary: lwestbrotje - Laurel




Adventure Labs
GEOregon has created two Adventure Labs.

The first, in downtown Portland, is called
Portland Park Blocks Adventure.

The second, in Oregon City, is called
Pioneer Adventures: The Oregon Trail.

Note that you will need a smart phone in order to play the adventures and claim all the locations - there is no web interface for Adventure Labs anymore.
Special thanks to bdp, 3MudDogs and glorieme for creating these amazing adventures.

Contact us for more information at
Geocachers Exploring Oregon, P.O. Box 67104, Oak Grove, OR 97268
Join our club by completing and mailing us this form.